Roasted Strawberries Cornmeal Cake


A perfect combination… lemon and strawberries,  rather Roasted Strawberries!

I feel I am lucky, I always manage to get  fresh yellow corn  for salad

and  very yellow corn meal for my pizza and cakes, that too very near to my house!

Buttermilk makes this corn meal  cake much lighter

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Best Substitute for Buttermilk


What is Buttermilk?

Buttermilk was originally the liquid left over after churning butter from cream, hence its name as buttermilk. Nowadays, it’s fermented from regular milk using bacterial cultures. The cultures consist of lactic acid bacteria, so called because they break down lactose into lactic acid.

Why buttermilk is important for a baker?

It is not just important, very important!

  • When lactic acid reacts with baking soda it lift and lighten your baking item
  • Buttermilk is a good source of probiotics.
  • It is lower in fat when you compare with milk or cream. Now you have good reason for going with a recipe with buttermilk

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Different Type of Yeast; How to use them? How much to use them?

When I started baking bread, rolls etc. Even though I use to follow recipes step by step, sometime result won’t turn up as expected. Culprit was yeast, or  my knowledge about yeast. So it is very important to understand type of yeast and how to use them.
Will be discussing on  three type of yeast  Fresh yeast, Instant yeast and Dry active Yeast.

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Millets, Beans Carrot and Corn salad


Millets are not just bird food;  good for human too!

Millets benefits are countless..

It is great energy source, high in fiber, high in minerals, rich in vitamin B, high antioxidant, power house of protein,  it helps to lower cholesterol. It is easily available and good in taste. We have all the reason to include this in our diet. This salad is easy and can be a complete meal. Continue reading Millets, Beans Carrot and Corn salad