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Millets, Beans Carrot and Corn salad


Millets are not just bird food;  good for human too!

Millets benefits are countless..

It is great energy source, high in fiber, high in minerals, rich in vitamin B, high antioxidant, power house of protein,  it helps to lower cholesterol. It is easily available and good in taste. We have all the reason to include this in our diet. This salad is easy and can be a complete meal. Continue reading Millets, Beans Carrot and Corn salad

Vegan Chocolate Cake


I want to treat my team, a very nice team. Some of them are pure vegetarian.  I would not have ever tried a vegan cake if there was an option to bake it with egg. As I strongly believe that a cake without egg will not be moist. I was wrong, this cake is super moist. It is so simple recipe  that anyone can bake this cake and that too with all simple ingredients Continue reading Vegan Chocolate Cake