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Piña Colada Mocktail



Making this summer week-end not just special but extra special. Stocking up the refrigerator with extra ice, extra chilled water, extra chilled fruits and pep up ice in different way to make all the drinks extra special

I just  love coconut in any form and may be for that reason Piña Colada is my favorite….. no, its my double favorite drink.

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Lime Mint Ginger Nojito Non Alcoholic


When does a traffic police ask anyone to stop? –

When you  are not following any of the traffic rules or when you are talking on mobile or when you are not following safety measure.

I was coming back from office, a traffic police asked me to stop. I started checking if my seat belt was proper, if my mobile is away from me… everything was perfect. Then why did he  ask me to stop??  then  I brought down the my car window glass..

Traffic cop: ” Will you please drop one of the female constable to next signal?”


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