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Fall Bake – Apple Crumb Cake


In a wild, stormy night,  A gentleman driving down the road in his two seater car, when he pass by a bus stop and see three people waiting for the bus: An old lady who looks as if she is about to die, An old friend who once saved his life, The perfect partner whom he have been dreaming about. Knowing that there can only be one passenger in his car, whom would this clever gentleman choose? Answer: clever gentleman will make the old lady sit in the car and then will give his car key to his friend  and wait with the perfect partner for the bus. This puzzle we all would have answered in our childhood.

I wish my mind would have been  as clear  as this gentleman’s in selecting  options, but unfortunately it was not. With all the limitation in luggages, what to carry , what not to carry, what to choose, what to leave behind, what to buy new, what to discard. In between, I was dealing with whole  lot of puzzle, I decided to leave almost all baking pan and I shifted to a new place absolutely without a  single baking pan. I still miss my pans but on other hand i am really excited to try with entire new sets

This fall is so beautiful. Was not able to resist myself to try this Apple crumb cake when my friend shared its picture.

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Carrot Dates Cupcake


My Mother use to make carrot dates bundt cakes. She got this recipe from one of our family friend. My mom use to grate dates  whereas I prefer to  soak dates in milk and  puree  it , obviously need to reduce the amount of  eggs in recipe. She use to make sometime 10 such bundt cakes for Christmas!. Imagine the number of dates and carrot required. My father use to help her in  making this  batter and I use to help in cleaning the dates, grating the carrots ,breaking all eggs  and off-course licking the remaining batter from  the mixing bowl. All this was part of Christmas fun. Now I make this as cupcakes easy for sending it as snacks

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Orange Pound Cake


I was all set to bake this wonderful recipe, the combination of orange and chocolate, a super awesome combination. I did all my homework before an hour itself; took out the eggs, butter and cheese cream from fridge.  As this soft dense cake needs egg and butter to be in room temperature!

After an hour, unexpected incident occur….  In kitchen, I was getting updates from my friends, was seeing my kid’s creativity, getting worldly news from huby  … all at the same time! Not a bad thing to do it …not at all. One friend updated me about her son who had grown taller than his father. I was very eager to see his snap. My sweet friend even though boy was reluctant to pose, posted one of his pictures. I was so surprised. NO…., I was shocked…oshhhh… egg fell from my hand, a very big brown egg. I need another egg that too at the room temperature!

Now I realise  that kids grow very fast just like the way this cake vanishes. It is a fact! There is no surprise in it!!! Continue reading Orange Pound Cake

Vegan Chocolate Cake


I want to treat my team, a very nice team. Some of them are pure vegetarian.  I would not have ever tried a vegan cake if there was an option to bake it with egg. As I strongly believe that a cake without egg will not be moist. I was wrong, this cake is super moist. It is so simple recipe  that anyone can bake this cake and that too with all simple ingredients Continue reading Vegan Chocolate Cake