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Lime Mint Ginger Nojito Non Alcoholic


When does a traffic police ask anyone to stop? –

When you  are not following any of the traffic rules or when you are talking on mobile or when you are not following safety measure.

I was coming back from office, a traffic police asked me to stop. I started checking if my seat belt was proper, if my mobile is away from me… everything was perfect. Then why did he  ask me to stop??  then  I brought down the my car window glass..

Traffic cop: ” Will you please drop one of the female constable to next signal?”


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Carrot Dates Cupcake


My Mother use to make carrot dates bundt cakes. She got this recipe from one of our family friend. My mom use to grate dates  whereas I prefer to  soak dates in milk and  puree  it , obviously need to reduce the amount of  eggs in recipe. She use to make sometime 10 such bundt cakes for Christmas!. Imagine the number of dates and carrot required. My father use to help her in  making this  batter and I use to help in cleaning the dates, grating the carrots ,breaking all eggs  and off-course licking the remaining batter from  the mixing bowl. All this was part of Christmas fun. Now I make this as cupcakes easy for sending it as snacks

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