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Fall Bake – Apple Crumb Cake


In a wild, stormy night,  A gentleman driving down the road in his two seater car, when he pass by a bus stop and see three people waiting for the bus: An old lady who looks as if she is about to die, An old friend who once saved his life, The perfect partner whom he have been dreaming about. Knowing that there can only be one passenger in his car, whom would this clever gentleman choose? Answer: clever gentleman will make the old lady sit in the car and then will give his car key to his friend  and wait with the perfect partner for the bus. This puzzle we all would have answered in our childhood.

I wish my mind would have been  as clear  as this gentleman’s in selecting  options, but unfortunately it was not. With all the limitation in luggages, what to carry , what not to carry, what to choose, what to leave behind, what to buy new, what to discard. In between, I was dealing with whole  lot of puzzle, I decided to leave almost all baking pan and I shifted to a new place absolutely without a  single baking pan. I still miss my pans but on other hand i am really excited to try with entire new sets

This fall is so beautiful. Was not able to resist myself to try this Apple crumb cake when my friend shared its picture.

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Homemade Brown Sugar


Brown sugar, you need it for wonderful banana bread,  you need for  yummy soft zucchini bread, you need for Barbecuing chicken. There are many methods to keep your brown sugar safe in jar. But why you need that method if you can create instant brown sugar  .    There is nothing rocket science in making brown sugar. It is simple and all you need two ingredients white sugar and molasses. As simple as it is !

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Slow cooked Chevon (Goat Meat) in Indian Spices


As I have many friends who are pure vegetarians, till now I was hesitant  to post picture of uncooked meat or chicken. But last time when I posted Jamaican Jerk Rub chicken, few friends requested me to post more pictures and they wanted to see the procedures :-). So I am publishing this post with more pictures.
Coming to Chevon (Goat meat)..
Chevon meat is 50-60% lower in fat than beef, but has the same or more protein content. As Chevon is lean and less in fat,  it makes this meat very tricky to cook in oven, unlike lamb or beef. It will not be soft if it is cooked without moisture at high temperature. We are doing here slow cooking with liquid which can be water or stock..

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Include Fruits Include Vegetables

Softbaker has completed it’s 3 months. It’s also my twenty fifth post! Let’s celebrate the quarter 🙂

We are so big  food enthusiasts that a simple picture of donuts makes us to open the refrigerator and munch on some cooking chocolate and it works as donut’s substitutes. It is absolutely normal to do that and celebrate the Week-end!

Many times Pineapple, Plum, Orange and lime also wants the same attention, if not same, at-least some attention! It is not a bad idea to add some orange juice along with chocolates, dip  banana into melted chocolate or add some fruits,  vegetables while baking.

‘Include fruits include vegetables’ will be a dedicated section in Softbaker which will give some special attention to all those hidden fruits and vegetables bags in your fridge. Softbaker finishes it’s one quarter and we already have many such recipes.

Zebra cake is not just vanilla and chocolate,  it can be with Orange flavor, an Orange coconut zebra cake, It’s tempting!


Carrot is rich in Vitamin A, Is it a  reason to convince kids to have Carrot? No, right?…,

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