Include Fruits Include Vegetables

Softbaker has completed it’s 3 months. It’s also my twenty fifth post! Let’s celebrate the quarter ūüôā

We are so big ¬†food enthusiasts that a simple picture of donuts makes us to open the refrigerator and munch on some cooking chocolate and it works as donut’s substitutes. It is absolutely normal to do that and celebrate the Week-end!

Many times Pineapple, Plum, Orange and lime also wants the same attention, if not same, at-least some attention! It is not a bad idea to add some orange juice along with chocolates, dip  banana into melted chocolate or add some fruits,  vegetables while baking.

‘Include fruits include vegetables’ will be a dedicated section in Softbaker which will give some special attention to all those hidden fruits and vegetables bags in¬†your fridge. Softbaker finishes it’s one quarter and we already have many such recipes.

Zebra cake is not just vanilla and chocolate, ¬†it can be with Orange flavor, an¬†Orange coconut zebra cake, It’s tempting!


Carrot is rich in Vitamin A, Is it a  reason to convince kids to have Carrot? No, right?…,

Why not include Carrot and Dates in cup cake? Who will say no to this Carrot Dates Cupcakes? It is soft and yummy too!

Including Plums in your breakfast or during coffee time is not a bad idea, do it  with Eggless Plum Coffee Cake ????????????????????????????????????

Include Oranges in pound cake,  Orange  pound cake!  Its smells awesome and it taste great too!


Sweet potato in Bun! Why not? We are the boss in our kitchen, we can make Sweet Potato Bun with brown butter, its aromatic!


Banana is sweet and helps to make baking goodies soft without adding much sugar, butter or oil.  Banana in cookies?  Yes,  Banana Oats Cookies!  Nice breakfast!


Broccoli has more Vitamin C than an Orange, Include Broccoli in Patties! Yes Patties, that too in Baked Cracked Wheat Patties! ¬†Baked Broccoli ¬†Cracked Wheat Patties,¬†It’s golden, ¬†crunchy and a perfect snack!


Craving for some snacks? Hot Zucchini Fritters is not just an evening snacks but a good starter too! Include Zucchini in Zucchini Fritters!


Beverages  are the best way to have some fruits and vegetables-include Lime, include Pineapple, Include tender coconut flesh.

Mojito and  Pina Colada is just about that!



Say cheers!

Include Fruits Include Vegetables!

Happy Week-end!








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