Different Type of Yeast; How to use them? How much to use them?

When I started baking bread, rolls etc. Even though I use to follow recipes step by step, sometime result won’t turn up as expected. Culprit was yeast, or  my knowledge about yeast. So it is very important to understand type of yeast and how to use them.
Will be discussing on  three type of yeast  Fresh yeast, Instant yeast and Dry active Yeast.


 Fresh Yeast:

I guess most of the bread making company must be using these yeast. It is available in baking institute of Bangalore http://bakersmart.co.in/products/Fresh-yeast-250g.. Bread with these yeast will not have strong pungent smell. Fresh Yeast stays good in fridge only for 1 or 2 weeks, for this reason it’s not a favourite among home bakers. As we will be baking only few loafs of bread, difficult to consume entire cake of yeast within 2 weeks and we will end up in wasting rest of the yeast.

 How much fresh yeast is required? Answer ; it will be 3 times  weight of the instant yeast required in a recipe

How to use them? We can directly add it to the flour while kneading i.e. we don’t have to put it in lukewarm liquid and wait it to froth

Instant yeast (bread machine yeast):

Its favourite among home bakers as it stays good in fridge for a year! It is available in baking institute of Bangalore http://bakersmart.co.in/products/Instant-Dry-yeast. It is very easy to use; you can directly add it on flour. But if you are not sure that the yeast is still good, it is better to check in lukewarm sweet liquid if it is getting froth or not.

How much Instant yeast is required? As a rule of thumb, you can reduce the amount of instant yeast by 25%  to replace active dry yeast required in a recipe (if recipe says 1 tsp. of active dry yeast, we can replace it with 3/4 tsp of instant yeast)

How to use them? We can directly add it to the flour while kneading i.e, we don’t have to put it in warm liquid and wait it to froth

How to store? Once you open the packet, recommended to be stored in fridge

 Dry active Yeast:

These yeast is easily available in most the store

How much Dry active Yeast is required? As a rule of thumb, amount of active dry yeast will be 1 % of flour, 25 % more the amount of instant  yeast required in a recipe

How to use them?  active dry yeast needs to be dissolved in lukewarm water before using.

How to store? Once you open the packet, recommended to be stored in fridge


  • You can interchange or replace the type of yeast as above mention quantity
  • The amount of yeast may vary due to other ingredients in a recipe like egg, milk, butter etc.


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